Shenzhen Aivico Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional state-level hi-tech enterprise which specializes in CCTV security products and HD micro-projection technology. Our mainly focus on commercial and civil market, providing personal entertainment, education and training, business demonstration, digital security, Industry applications and other areas of product technology solutions and industry solutions for the design, development, manufacturing and sales. The company with many years of R&D investment and technology accumulation, in HD micro projection, surveillance, energy, personal handheld intelligent products development, has made a major breakthrough in the field of international consumer electronics and communications have more cutting-edge technology accumulation, and will continue to forward-looking, leading the development of digital imaging technology and application trends for the vast number of consumers and small and medium enterprises to provide a steady stream of innovative products and value. The company will rely on the excellent combination of research capabilities, has introduced competitive products and solutions to achieve the Internet Plus era of industrial breakthrough. At present, Aivico digital security products, education and training, micro-projection products, HD projection intelligent and Artificial Intelligence robot and other high-tech products will soon be listed, its technological innovation, practicality by the market and users recognition, representing the future of digital imaging applications trends, business prospects and value.

We will play a more active role in the fields of business innovation, value creation and environment friendliness, and will contribute to the creation and construction of a harmonious society in China by virtue of the excellent performance of digital video solutions. We located in the future of Shenzhen - Longhua New District, Aivico has the independent industry independent design and research and development capabilities, CTO with 16 years of digital imaging solutions for R&D and manufacturing experience. The company's R&D team has the core technology program development and design capabilities. The company's intelligent, automated production equipment providing an effective protection for the manufacture of high-quality products.

Aivico has strong financial strength and elites advantage, we invested a considerable proportion of funds each year, research and development of more market-competitive digital image products and industry solutions, product design and core programs to provide continuous innovation, say 'NO' to the price war and vicious competition. The sales team not only master the professional knowledge of the industry, but also has a good sense of service. In foreign trade sales, has made good results in North America market, we've became the largest supplier of CCTV camera equipment. we are dealers throughout American market, European and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. High-quality products and good service helped us won a lot og great customers. Based in Shenzhen, the CCTV camera equipment manufacturing center in the world, we aim for to a higher and stronger goal,  becoming a CCTV camera equipment industrial leader. Digital HD video products and solutions has become the industry's development trend, the product will be diversified, intelligent, popular. Aivico will be the revitalization of the national electronics industry, this is our mission, to concern about the development of the industry. In the value of "details of the management, management standards staff, staff qualifies products, product achievements customers", we sincerely hope to work with you, create win-win business.

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Industrial Area, Guanlan, Longhua District, Shenzhen.