As Aivico's general manager, I and my colleagues always believe in "to pay customers, to win the market, the new development, to love the staff" spirit of enterprise. We have a profound understanding: a business trust can get the trust of customers, long-term survival; only excellent product quality in order to obtain long-term stability of the order; only breakthrough in the industry's innovative spirit and the actual innovation content can continue to develop, only to have a strong staff of the sense of belonging and let employees feel that the business is a sense of identity to retain good talent. Only in this way, in the constant pursuit of excellence in the process to achieve business value and create brilliance. In this spirit of continuous spur, Aivico in overseas market experienced four years of ups and downs, not only a firm foothold, and for several years by the major security industry authority of the media selected as the industry Golden Award, the industry top ten brands, Hundred high-quality suppliers and other honors, and in late 2013 was named: the title of state-level high-tech enterprise.

In Aivico's business activities, the first emphasis is on the "integrity" of the principle of life. To win the trust, only to build up your own trust, on the basis of trust, companies can win long-term, stable order. Treat domestic and foreign customers, we do not only to stand on the other side of the position to consider the problem, but also more considerate than the other side, more long-term, customer satisfaction is the highest standard of our measure of work.

"To the new development" means that Aivico advocation is the real innovation, Aivico's development process is a constant process of innovation. We in the business strategy, internal management, market philosophy, mode of operation, the core technology has been step to show a formal business style. Aivico is a learning type, growth type of business, pursuing continuous and healthy growth. During the study, we continue to innovate. Through innovation we have developed great products for the country and won overseas market, we respond to the call of the state, and actively implement the strategy of "going out", at the same time learn from the strengths and advantages of foreign products, and strive to improve the company's value-added products, improvements and upgrades and product internal breakthroughs and optimization.

Throughout the process of Aivico, we've reached a critical stage of transformation to innovative enterprise, 4 years by drawing on the experience of innovative enterprises from China and abroad, adhere to business innovation, management innovation, system innovation and technological innovation, through business innovation breakthrough sales bottleneck, technological innovation to promote the development of us, through management innovation to enhance the efficiency of us, through institutional innovation to achieve international convergence.

We sincerely hope that our suppliers and friends from China and abroad concern and support of the growth of Aivico. We are confident that in the joint efforts of all, Aivoc will become the international security industry well-known and international influence of the security R&D manufacturing enterprise.

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